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Build it and they will come’ is no longer true. My experiences in projects taught me the reasons most projects fail. These projects span infrastructure, technologies, social services, many more and include a large range of stakeholders, internal and external. Despite their best intentions, the leaders push through projects without proper design due to lack of appropriate consultation, or lip-service to stakeholders, or marginalize the strongest advocates (who tend to be opposed yet often correct in the long-run), or resource planning & availability, or……. list goes on. The technical aspects of the project design are comparatively easier to lead. Lessons I observed and learnt from project leaders during our workshops always pointed to ‘soft skills’ outweighing the ‘technical skills’ in order to lead any project successfully. There are many successful projects but were they the ‘right’ projects. These ‘enlightened’ project leaders self-reflected to test their own egos and assumptions and noted the biases in their thinking about ‘community and stakeholder engagement; about public outreach’; only if they had done so properly in the first place, they wouldn’t have needed to manage more problems later. They describe the art of conducting upfront engagement properly, balanced with the need to ensure that the project is built too i.e. balancing community concerns with commercial concerns, so economic activity doesn’t stop. And lack of the ‘right’ data at the right time is an impediment to planning properly.

Considering these myriads of concerns, I designed Civy ( to help cities, governments and communities enable and improve community engagement and public outreach.

Using Civy will enable you to capture data on projects from a comparatively larger proportion of residents and in a shorter time period – including those who do not attend townhalls, do not respond to surveys or campaigns or emails. You will be able to strategize your future capital projects by using the data gathered from your community. And you will be able to better message the business case for the project, ensuring people understand what a project may entail for them in the short-term and in the long-term. Due to the independence of our platform and related services in cloud and cyber security, you will also have the option to reduce your annual expenses drastically.

With the use of Civy ( you will prevent unnecessary rectification cost, help your city-government leadership stay-ahead of people’s perception of the project, and give media positive reasons to write a story on the project (not just public backlash stories). For further information, please reach out at

App coming soon.

  • Project Date : February 1, 2021