Community Engagement And Civic Projects -

A common theme which often arises in civic projects is the lack of poor public outreach and engagement. This theme resonates amongst stakeholders (governments, cities, senior officials, senior executives, developers, infrastructure banks, communities, media, etc.) and across many countries including USA, Australia, South America, Canada…to name a few. During my discussions, majority of city and government leaders also note the massive undertaking by their back-office operations to scour various social media sites and create their own civic engagement systems which are expensive to maintain. This is in addition to the poorly attended townhalls and other legacy processes undertaken by the cities and governments. These leaders cite a lack of a single tool which can help them manage their largest spend-category – engaging communities on projects. Striving to improve the issue of civic engagement and aiming to help the cities/governments operations through cloud services & cyber security, I created Civy in 2019. Civy is an independent two-sided platform for cities, governments and residents. It allows sharing of new ideas and project update, while encouraging confidential feedback and comments from residents on proposed or existing projects. The easy-to-use platform uses the technology as the tool to improve civic engagement. Some features of the platform are:Create and share new project ideas with your residents and communities. Post project proposals and solicit resident feedback, live and in real-time. Each project can be mapped to exact location geographically, voted and projects are ranked for each city based on votes. Report issues impacting your communities – could be a simple maintenance and repair matter. Platform is mobile (works as an app) allowing ease and convenience of use. Platform can be easily integrated with your back-office operations or run independently, and we can design customized dashboard for your needs. Although we believe you won’t need further customizations as the platform is great as-is. Please reach out to us directly with your enquiries ( App coming soon.

  • Project Date : February 1, 2021