Resilient Cities

As cities are progressively inferred as the main impetuses for decreasing overall environmental change and for adapting sustainable development, resilience has been invigorated and upheld by various global establishments. Hence to support deep-rooted sustainability and enhance the conduct of human race, we work on the global resilient cities’ challenges with innovative and integrated solutions. At CivyInc, we emphasis in providing solutions to modern challenges cities are facing using our skillsets and tools.

Urban Mobility Reinforcement

  • Transportation systems are the most complex systems to be observed in major areas. Traffic congestion is perennial issues for many urban cities. To overcome this, we work towards providing real-time data to versatile applications and routing platforms with digital advancements. Technological platforms are being adopted to control the traffic signals, monitor security, distribute live information to commuters or manage the operations remotely.

Data Analytics Assistance

  • To represent the unpredictable recurring pattern of changes in cities, data analytics have been a key component. We provide the capacity to gather and store data digitally from a diversity of systems in the cloud infrastructure which will elevate the potential for resilience planning to be constructed on authentic situations. This could provide assistance in tracking mobility and population, private sector investment to improve urban development in cities.

Digital Security

  • As the proportion in the population is increasing in the cities, providing security to its citizens could be a challenge. Citizens and businesses usually face cyber threats as the graph of cyber-attacks have been increasing gradually. In the digital era, accoutering the citizens towards cyber resilience is a necessity. We contribute by optimizing confidentiality, integrity and accountability to ensure the security of citizens through advanced solutions.

Community Resilience

  • Building a versatile and resilient neighborhood is a high priority than ever as communities could respond, withstand and recover from adverse conditions. We work towards digitally providing a platform where community resilience could be achieved by identifying occasions to integrate the profit and non-profit sectors in public health and emergency, infrastructure protection and the development of recovery programs.