Enterprises of today scramble with many questions around the profitable adoption & application of cloud. Selecting the best-fit cloud for your business needs, gauging the organizational costs & ROI, and managing & governing your cloud portfolio, are some of the pertinent questions enterprises have to deal with every day. And what better way to answer these questions than to formulate the right cloud adoption strategy well in advance.

Cloud Assessment & Strategy Consulting

Infixzon’s consulting services help clients evaluate cloud as part of their IT service delivery strategy. Our services enable you

Cloud Platform Build & Migration

Once an enterprise adopts cloud, the next important thing to consider is migration. Migrating an enterprise’s applications to

Cloud Enablement Services

We bring innovative cloud service delivery to our clients, also helps create a future-proof value proposition for them. A cloud-

Cloud Operation & Management Services

Cloud adoption is only profitable if the results it delivers are tangible. Rogue IT and disparate cloud initiatives hinder the

Managed Services Offering

Business ready Clouds platform such as Microsoft Azure and AWS, have enabled organizations across the globe to reap the

Backup and DR on Cloud

Experience efficient disaster recovery, regardless of the type or intensity of workloads.

Cloud Optimization

Replication of traditional onPrem deployment strategy coupled with cloud Self service and complexity increases

SAP HANA workloads on cloud (in OPEX model)

Replication of traditional onPrem deployment strategy coupled with cloud Self service and complexity increases

Analytics (Big Data) Solutions

AWS provides Big data solutions at on tenth of the cost of traditional similar on-premises solutions. The services like


We offer a wide gamut of solutions in relation to protecting the organization from unprecedented threats and risks. Cybersecurity is a constantly evolving industry created in response to hacking, viruses, and the various other threats to personal and professional data. As computer security experts we offer solutions to keep your software and hardware secure from any kind of threat. We offer expertise along the three stages of business cybersecurity: assessment, protection, and remediation from all forms of threats.

Cybersecurity Consulting

Our insight and expertise for an effective cybersecurity strategy to protect your business from threats.

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VA-PT) Services

Our vulnerability assessment and penetration testing services offer a comprehensive vulnerability analysis of your technology stack.

CyberSecurity Solutions

Our cybersecurity solutions provide you vital insight into your security position with assessments, diagnosis and audits for your data protection.