C Storm

About Smart • Elegant • Innovative

C-Storm is a work of art with cutting-edge technology for smart sanitation. It is an exquisitely crafted machine that creates a barrier of activated oxygen around you, to disinfect any bacteria or viruses from your skin or clothes. The ozone sterilizes viruses and bacterial very efficiently, without causing any harm to the body. Ozone is used by your body naturally to fight and resist any infections.

Over the last 2 decades, it has drastically replaced almost all disinfection alternatives nail the industries around the world due to the effectiveness of the technology and capability of being created on demand.

This process is nota cure, but simply smart sanitation.

  • No Chemicals or UV rays.
  • Just Clean activated oxygen protection shield.
  • Patented design and technology.
  • First of Its kind in the world.
  • Elegant looks to suite all interiors.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Low power consumption.

How it works

  • The equipment supplied by ArukasTECH and the Bhutaji Group is covered by a warranty against manufacturing defects for a period of one year from the date of supply.
  • 1-year warranty with an option to extend warranty period on request as well.
  • Equipment should be handled by experience operators familiar with safety practices.
  • Defect or damage arising out of improper handling, tampering of the equipment by unauthorised personnel shall not be covered.
  • By using the ozone generation and destruction phenomena, C-Storm finally tunes the dosage of ozone into its disinfection zone to create a disinfection barrier.
  • As it brc,aks down, the ozone releases a nascent oxygen atom, which quickly reacts to any virus or bacteria to destroy them.
  • Air Is sucked Into the system, nerilised and only than gets convened to ozone In an Ionization chamber after which a process called diffusion occurs on the person.
  • Air is later sucked back in after the ideal time and convened to 02 in a deionization chamber. Within 4 seconds, the decontamination takes place with no harm to persons of any age or with any health issues.
  • It uses the properties of diffusion to coat the external surface of the body with a fresh and active layer of ozone every time a person walks through the gates, making the surface highly reactive to any foreign contamination.
  • Then, it further destroys any def ilernent or contagious containment present on the person’s clothes as the corona virus cannot survive in an 03 environment.
  • The machine also deactivates the Ozone immediately, so it doesn’t linger around.


  • Skylight to find the gate from afar.
  • Ozone Ports
  • Ozone Generators
  • Control Unit
  • Bi-directional Sensors
  • Interlinked with Wireless Tech
  • loT Control Unit
  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • UV barriers with Bronze Toughened Glass
  • Al Audio Speakers

Safety standards

  • Our purpose is to completely sanitize everyone walking through C-Storm.
  • The ozone generator technology is designed in such a way that it is incapable of creating an overdose, even in case of a circuit or software failure.
  • The open chamber does not have any touchable surfaces like curtains to ensure contactless sanitisation.
  • The glass used ensures that no UV reaches the outside, whatsoever by completely absorbing any UV.
  • There is a remote emergency shut down option.
  • Open chambers are safer as concentration levels in enclosed chambers may go unnoticed – as the number of people reduces or increases. An open chamber provides a comparatively more stable zone.
  • Alert on non-compliance of the user (Extra feature available on demand).
  • PPM level of ozone is generated and maintained. The ppm level of ma chlne’s zone is set below 0.07 ppm (at constant run-time with an 8-hour sample time)
  • This is further maintained by the inherent design of the components used to regulate the same.
  • Any gaseous electronic ozone meter that can read ppm levels with a range of Trot with an accuracy of 0.001 ppm minimum can be used to read the ozone levels by taking the sample as mentioned sadist in our testing.


A. Ozone used at PPM levels under EPA norms is completely safe for human surfaces.

A. Multiple studies have found that exposure to Ozone at levels of DI PPM and above, for a duration of 8 hours can cause irritation, respiratory issues.However C-Storm uses 0.06 PPM for 3 seconds. Leaving no side effeCs in this CaSe.

A. It is recommended to have masks or other protective equipment on while passing through the machine, as it is meant for external disinfection, not internal body use. The machine is not a cure for COVID or any other ailment, only a highly efficient sanitizing method for the whole body,

A. The impact lasts close to 30 mins, after which point 03 breaks down back to 02.

A. There is no physical proof to display. But all machines are cedified by regulating bodies to show efficacy rates, log reductions and Ozone levels released.