overview on core19
  • A ‘one-stop shop’ platform designed with three interfaces – city admin panel; residents; and businesses. The platform is designed to aggregate and collate all  services offered by cities, making it easier for residents and businesses to stay informed and updated; pay bills; apply for permits and ensure operating licenses are updated; conduct remote-virtual engagements for products, services; assist with disaster management operations and much more. A futuristic platform, our vision is for ‘City Portal’ to become the leading one-stop shop for the city’s economic ecosystem.
  • The platform sources data from Center of Disease Control (CDC, USA) and runs algorithms automatically to classify data by relevance to the different departments in city.
  • This entire platform will be based on the Geographic Information System (GIS) which helps Cities & its people to map and track disease occurrence against multiple parameters including: demographics, the environment, geographies and past occurrences to understand the origin of outbreaks, its spread pattern and its intensity to implement control, preventive, and surveillance measures.
  • Provide real-time notifications for critical updates, Do’s & don’ts, FAQs, easy access to call helpline numbers, and a state-of-the-art chatbot mechanism for self-assessment.
  • CORE19 provide users with updates from government, advisories and instructions from time to time via PUSH notification on the App. A unified portal for swift access to important information and help required for your safety.
features and benefits
  • The application also serves as a gateway to monitor and issue certified credentials for following safety compliant guidelines and protocols for retail and essential services. Apart from local updates, the application contains national and world-wide updates on the dangerous pandemic.
  • GIS will provide the capabilities to enable this common operating picture for multi-agency collaboration.
  • Map facilities, employees or citizens, medical resources, equipment, goods, and services to understand and respond to current and potential impacts,
  • Retrieves data from reliable government-sanctioned sources to provide real-time mapping of infected areas, neighborhood essential service providers, and current zone indicators (Green/Orange/Red), if any.
  • Help monitoring and get updated about the infection levels and communities across the selected country, state, county & city wise criteria.
use-cases of core19
  • Public health agencies, policy makers and administrators will use GIS to understand outbreak patterns in real-time to identify at-risk populations and plan targeted intervention such as evaluate available facilities or increase healthcare capacities.
  • Help authorities monitor and track city-wide services the application enabling swift and safe engagement between residents, citizens, and essential service providers.
  • Provide a dashboard as a touchpoint for a plethora of information available like nearby hospitals, availability of beds at these hospitals, essential services, and more.
  • Provide a hub for remarkable IEC communications on behalf of the authorities such as videos and advisory protocols helpful during current times fit for all age groups and people from varied demographics.
  • Provide an effortless system for generating travel passes, get approval to start critical services from the authorities, virtual token requests for seamless social distancing, and share donations for those in need.

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