Businesses these days have started transforming towards Blockchain as it results in increasing security, ensuring data integrity, reduction in fraud, permanent record keeping and, real-time transaction transparency which benefits them to become more citizen-centric. Meeting this newly emerged ultimatum will call for a shift that would benefit establishments to foster the acceptance of stable blockchain architecture.

Public Procurement

  • Public procurement is the largest place for government spending. Our blockchain-based process could directly identify the risk by easing third-party oversight of tamper-evident transactions and empowering more prominent consistency through automated smart agreements by improving the transparency and liability of transactions.

Land Registries

  • Our blockchain solutions could benefit the real estate sector as it is being considered for land registration due to its capacity to make financial transactions, asset transfers, and ensuring the reliability of records with registered land titles. The system could also provide a decentralized, publicly verifiable, immutable record platform through which citizens could prove their rights.